Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boy, Am I Lame.

Pumpkin & Magoo in October, 2013
Boy, am I lame. I wrote three great blog entries (if I do say so myself), then stopped. To be honest, my MacBook crashed, and it took me over a month to get it fixed. Once I did, I ran out of my Disney mojo and the twins were back in school. Life got crazy. I got unbelievably busy, and this blog just fell to the wayside. For that, I am so, so, so sorry. As I mentioned in an entry I did in one of my other blogs, one of my 2014 resolutions is to keep all of my blogs current. Of course, that includes this one.

While I haven't been to Disney in 5 months, I do plan on going in either February or April. I'm teaching the twins the value of entrepreneurship through listing items on eBay. Pumpkin is really excited about it, but Magoo is skeptical. I told them that we need to earn $3000 by January 31 if we want to go in February. If we don't accomplish that, we have to earn $3500 if we want to go in April. (I'm a travel agent, so I'm able to get some freaking fantastic deals.)

Pumpkin wanted to get right on listing eBay items, so we listed hers right away:

Clearly, Pumpkin can't wait to get back to Disney. Magoo wants to go, too, and gave me the items he wants to list right before he went to bed. I'm going to get on that now, but figured I would let my readership know that I'm back in action. I've linked the auctions for you, and I am certainly going to start writing helpful Disney posts again soon. There are quite a lot of new amenities that Disney is offering for many of their products, including Walt Disney World. I actually took the 2014 course and assessment tonight, and I can't wait to go to Disney World again. I want to do one of the Disney Destinations in 2014. I want to go on a Disney cruise. I have lots and lots and lots that I want to do that is Disney-related, but I need to reel it in and teach my kids that they have to EARN it. I'm very excited about this little entrepreneur project... I just hope it works.