Sunday, July 21, 2013

Characters in the Magic Kingdom - Part II

Me & My Girl
Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom is a great place to meet and greet characters, including rare meet and greet characters like Peter Pan. Yep, you can actually take photos with Peter Pan, but you need to know where he is... Like Snow White, Peter Pan is a little "secret" of the Magic Kingdom. 

As you are walking down Main Street toward the roundabout that has the Walt Disney and Mickey statue, you will see Casey's restaurant to your left. Make a left right after Casey's  before you get to the roundabout (keeping the Crystal Palace restaurant to your left), and go over a small bridge. Have your cameras ready, because this is actually a fantastic photo spot as well as a great place to watch the performances in front of the castle throughout the day.

Anyway, cross that bridge and stay to your right, before you walk into the actual "Adventureland" section. There's a little wraparound area, and Peter Pan is hiding in there every so often! It's a little cramped, so definitely take advantage of the Photo Pass. They kind of speed people through this section, so be prepared for that.

Once you cross under the Adventureland arch, keep to the right and go into Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell and one of her fairy friends. Once we went and met Tinkerbell and Rosetta. This last time we went, we met Tink and Vidia-- my new favorite Disney character because she is so stinkin' conceited and sarcastic!!! I love her. While you are waiting in line, there are Pixie Hollow vignettes playing for the kids. I really like this character meet and greet because you actually walk into a set rather than having a backdrop to have your photo taken. Everything is giant, so it feels as though you are pixie-size. To get into the room, you have to walk though what I call "magic grass" which is sculpted with lights. I tell my kids that they are shrunk down to pixie-size so that we can actually talk to Tinkerbell and the fairies and not scare them away. It's really neat.

Jasmin & Aladdin with my twins
After leaving Pixie Hollow, go to the left and you will enter the magical city of Agrabah. You can ride the Magic Carpets, and as soon as you get off go in to the Agrabah Bazaar. Throughout the day, Aladdin and Jasmin will appear in the Bazaar together. The two actors that portrayed Aladdin and Jasmin when we were there were absolutely wonderful. They walked over to each of the kids, talked with them, made them all feel special. Because of this, the line does move a bit slow. Plus, the area isn't air-conditioned, so the wait in hot weather can be a bit brutal. AND the line is right near Jasmin dolls and costumes, so if your daughter is a shopaholic like my Pumpkin is, you may face the endless whining while you're in line. There is plenty of space to take pictures, and the set is really cute. Photo Pass is also there to take professional pictures.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is also in Adventureland. Captain Jack Sparrow has his own show, and sometimes will take photos with people after the show. (We've never seen the show, nor have we encountered Jack.) Other characters that walk around include Captain Hook, Smee, Wendy, Baloo, King Louie, Timon, Ariel, Prince Eric, Rafiki, Lilo, Stitch and some others. The ones that aren't on the Disney schedule are rare, and it is a matter of luck. Just be sure to have your cameras handy, especially in Adventureland.

My family and I just got home from Disney World today, so I'm going to cut this short. I will address the rest of characters in the Magic Kingdom over the next few days.

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