Sunday, January 12, 2014

Baby Steps

The twins and I have been working really hard to list all sorts of items we have around our house: clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc. So far, they have earned $230. That means they have $2770 remaining. Can we do it? I think we can. We sure as heck are going to try!! As a matter of fact, I've started to document our eBay progress on YouTube with HollywoodChick's 100 Day eBay Challenge.

Pumkin and Magoo are having a BLAST learning about selling on eBay, trying to reach their goal and filling out the map as to where all of our items have been sent. It's a math, geography and business lesson all in one. I can't wait to reach our goal to head back to Disney. Maybe we won't get there in February, but we will certainly get there this year. I'm so proud of them. Take a look at our sales map:

Cool, isn't it? Once a state is filled, I will write the name of the state on it. Daddy has already sold something to a different country, but the buyer has yet to pay. If we end up sending items to a different country, we will visit that country at Epcot. I'm really, really, really excited about this project. I don't know who is more excited-- me or the kids!

My sister, Aunt Julie, and my best friend, Aunt Kristen, have decided to participate, too. Aunt Julie has a lot of stuff in this house, and I'm going to list them for her. Aunt Kristen brought a bunch of stuff over, which I'm starting to list today. The kids get to keep a percentage of whatever they sell for someone else-- like a consignment. It's something else that I can teach them.

Watch out, Disney! Here we come!

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