Saturday, April 19, 2014

Disney, Here We Come!!

My kids are super stoked. Why? WE DID IT!!! We earned enough money through our eBay auctions to go to Disney. We are leaving tomorrow evening (4/20), and we couldn't be more excited. I cashed in on my Travel Agent rate, and we are going to stay at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort in a Pirate Room. We got an unbelievable deal, as Disney offers me a fantastic rate once a year. We can't wait to get there. The kids keep asking me if we can leave earlier.

I had a nightmare last night, though, that I left our tickets and Magic Bands home. Have you heard of these things? I can't wait to test them out. They're supposed to make your Disney Experience smoother, quicker and more accessible. They're really cool wristbands that you get to customize. They supposedly act like a room key, park admission, FastPass ticket and more. You can connect them to and even link them with other friends and family you my have going to Disney. For example, several of my friends will be at Disney this week. We linked a few of them, so that we can meet up.

I'm irritated, though. Pumpkin, of course, wants to meet Elsa and Anna. I went on the website to arrange it through FastPass, and there was an error. It just would NOT let me do a FastPass for them. I just went back to try again, and now they're sold out. Of course, this just means that we'll have to wait, but it would have been so nice to get the FastPass for them. Ah, well.

So, away we go! Thanks so much for following my blog, and for all your support. IT's going to be a GREAT trip!!!

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