Tuesday, April 22, 2014

WARNING: Fantasmic May Be Scary For Little Ones!

I know that these entries are getting shorter and shorter, but I want to make sure that I get at least one blog entry a day while I'm at the Happiest Place on Earth. Today, the fam and I went to the Animal Kingdom. And, yes, Yak & Yeti was as fabulous as I expected it to be. We had a real blast there, but I will write more about it another time. (SOOOOO freakin' good, though.) 

After going on the Kali River Rapids (and getting thoroughly soaked), we headed back to the hotel to change and grab dinner. I also promised the kiddos that they would be able to play in the water playground for a bit. Things started happening with my business, so I had to work a little bit. Fortunately, I was able to work from a lounge chair, watching the kids play. 

My friend, KJ, and her family were at Hollywood Studios, so we decided to meet them over there. She was able to save us seats for Fantasmic. I was so excited, because the kids really wanted to see fireworks. I didn't realize that this was more of a stage production than a fireworks display.


My innocent kiddos
My kids are 6 years old. They are very innocent. I wouldn't necessarily call them sheltered, but they don't like scary things. They think that everything is real. They have wild imaginations. It's one of the many, many, many things that I adore about my kids.

That being said, Fantasmic is about Mickey Mouse having a dream which turns into a nightmare, featuring a majority of the Disney villains. And it does get a little scary... At one point, they set the water in the lagoon on fire. It's cool to an adult, but my son completely freaked out and started crying. My daughter had her face crushed into my side. By the way, we were sitting in the last row.  So, yeah, a little terrifying to my kids who think that villains are real. If your kids are as innocent as mine are (and they are 6 years old, remember), you might want to skip Fantasmic for another display elsewhere. We're checking out Illuminations tomorrow night. I'll be sure to let you know how it is.

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